THE UPSTART LEADER: Drawn from their experience in both leading organizations and crafting executive communications, Robbie Bach and Justina Chen will use their own story to illustrate the power of strategic planning and inspirational communications. Robbie walks clients through his 3P Framework: Purpose, Principles, Priorities, while Justina uses her background as an award-winning novelist and executive speechwriter to help clients put their strategy to words and create presentations that leave audiences on board and inspired.

STORYTELLING TO WIN HEARTS & MINDS: Through truly great storytelling, leaders can transform customers, constituents, donors, employees, and media into a loyal and passionate community. Hear examples of how neuroscience research, Lord of the Rings, and a trinity of stories created unprecedented engagement with employees, customers and media.

THE POWER OF PURPOSE: Sharing our organizational and personal purpose are the most compelling and persuasive stories we can tell. So powerful is this narrative, managers can grow into leaders, groups can transform into teams, and customers can become superfans. Define your purpose statement, identify your unique superpowers, and reimagine your leadership team and mission as a group of heroes on a quest with purpose and heart.

A PRINCIPLED APPROACH TO WINNING: Principles are the guardrails that ensure that organizations and leaders stay on course. Importantly, a defined set of principles clarifies hard tradeoffs and tough decisions so that leaders and teams pursue the right tactics. Determine the set of principles for your organization and your personal leadership that you can refer to for years to come.

PRIORITIZING YOUR WAY TO SUCCESS: Priorities set the agenda and tells teams what must be done. Focused properly, priorities provide great clarity and empower leaders at all levels to make decisions efficiently and effectively. Learn how to decide what not to do, freeing you from organizational lint that distracts with the urgent rather than the important.

THE ART OF INSPIRATION: 5 SECRETS TO ENGAGE, ENTHRALL & ENERGIZE Novelists deliberately deploy narrative tools to create compelling stories and pageturners. These same tools can be used to craft gripping and memorable organizational communications that drive home the key elements of success. Once understood, these same techniques can add energy and urgency to every single speech that a leader gives. Create your own hard-hitting and Tweetable story, and learn to communicate One Really Big Idea that captivates people’s minds and imaginations.



Former president of Microsoft Entertainment & Devices, Robbie Bach, and story strategist and award-winning author, Justina Chen, are driven by the conviction that exceptional leaders and teams can change the direction of our companies, communities and country. Their mission is to develop committed leaders who can DRIVE IMPACT — impact that has positive and profound social effect. 

In their intensive, interactive, one-day seminar, “The Upstart Leader: Powering Change,” Robbie and Justina will share their insights in strategy and storytelling, two skills that can transform good leaders into extraordinary thought leaders. 

This seminar is geared for the senior executive level and their staffs in CORPORATE, NON-PROFIT AND GOVERNMENT organizations. Together, Robbie and Justina can help you to harness the best business strategy and storytelling techniques so you can lead and communicate with power, passion & pathos. 




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